• I started to tattoo in 1998 in my hometown Florence, Italy, taught by my mentor Maurizio Fiorini, the oldest italian tattooer.
    I'm among many other people out there that owe him thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn by working in his shop.
    After a few years i moved to the U.S to gain experience and knowledge about tattooing.
    My first step in America was in New York, and a little over a year later I moved to San Diego, California, where I live now.
    I had a fortune to work at the shop Avalon Tattoo2 with Fip Buchanan and his crew for the last 8 years, i can definitely say it was the most important step of my carrier.

    Right now I'm working at the shop Remington Tattoo in north park, San Diego.

    I'm fortunate to be working with many talented artists that have helped me to develop my skills and vision as a tattooist.

    I hope to continue tattooing until my hands and eyes fail me.